A Loving Memory of Michael Allen Mitchell

To the left is the very handsome Michael at the Post Office at Canal Street in the Summer of 1988.

His Works:

Below you will find Michael's Plays, Playbills, One Act Plays, Short Stories and Poetry.

His Life:

Below you will also find Michael's Early Years, Homework, Letters and Photos.

Remembering Michael:

Finally recalling all that was Michael to his parents, Howard and Gloria, his sister Pam, his very dear friends and extended loving family.

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So many plays in Chicago, Boston, and New York.

Michael's love was the Theatre. He was not only a great actor and director. But at the core he was also a playwright. Below are his plays. Enjoy revisiting his words and his works!


In The Touring Company, Michael explores the relationships between the cast and crew of a touring play.


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A video of a performance.

Watch Michael as he Directs and Performs for GMHC's Annual Holiday Show.


The Performance


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A wonderful collection of Playbills.

The Playbills are under two categories. The first category is the Playbills that Pam collected as a teenager. The second category is the Playbills in which Michael either performed or worked behind the scenes.



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One Act Plays

At the core, his best medium was One Act Plays.

Humorous and thought-provoking one act plays by Michael. All different and very intriguing.

In Closer and Smoother, Michael explores the tentative and yet alluring relationship of Paula and Ross. Both in their early 30's trying to make sense of their well-to-do life. Yes, they do enjoy a nice apartment with beautiful furnishings, but are material items enough for this couple? And yet at the same time, is this a play about wanting more. It is interesting how our Michael explores this very unique couple.

Pam Mitchell has this crazy idea to produce Michael's Visiting Angels; so look out Tony Kushner, the first Angel in America was Michael's (1988)!

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Amazingly creative poems by Michael!

Only Michael had the incredible idea to set Gone With The Wind in the form of a poem.


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Michael's Early Years

In this section you will see all his early works as a youngster.

Here the budding artist in Michael shines through as he draws using Kleenex as a prop. My favorite piece is How the Fox Trick't Them. Michael's attention to detail at such a tender age demonstrates how insightful he was as a child.

Please enjoy the artist Michael.

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The writer in Michael was fine tuned as he completed homework assignments.

See how Michael impressed (and charmed) his teachers with his poems, term papers and creative writing.




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Humor was abundant in the Mitchell household and that came through in the cards sent by family members.

Michael dearly loved his mother and father, Howard & Gloria. For their anniversary he wrote a sonnet and for his father, he wrote the poem My Father.

Michael also cherished his Grandmother Lillian and wrote both a sonnet and poem.

Michael expressed his love for family (Parents, Grandmother, Aunt Lila) and friends (Gloria Lappe) by writting them Sonnets; truly he was a troubadour of the heart.







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Remembering Michael

This is the section for the rest of the world to remember Michael.

In this section, I opted to put his resumes, because it shows his professional ability to work the 9 to 5 and to continue to perform as artist.

Michael meant the world to his family but also to his dear friends in Chicago, Boston and New York.

He was able to infuse love, laughter and tenderness into the lives of all those who loved him. Even though many years have passed since we lost him; Michael will never ever be forgotten.


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A brilliant collection of Michael's photos.

Michael loved being in pictures and taking pictures.

Here you will see Michael with family and friends along with photos he took of his beloved NYC.

His dear friend Gail Specht shot the series Lifeline: Photos of Man With Hickman Catheter.

Please note that on the Photo Galleries you can press on the first photo to enlarge the pictures. Also on the Photo Galleries you must press the back button to come back to the home page.



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Final Note

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Look! God's dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God.' He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death' or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." REVELATIONS 21:3-4.



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